Institute for Provocation and Speedism

3rd i program: presentation of the "Institute for Provocation" and "Speedism / Rotten Drone Temple Doom Rock".

Institute for Provocation and Speedism


Aug 2010
18:00 to 20:00
location: MK Gallery, Witte de Withstraat 53

V2_ hosted a special China programme at MK Gallery during the 3rd i exhibition with presentations on Wednesday and Friday starting at 20.00, entrance free.


Presentation of the "Institute for Provocation"

Els Silvrants-Barclay (BE)

Els Silvrants-Barclay kicked off the presentations programme by presenting her experiences with the Institute for Provocation in China. The Institute for Provocation is an artist-in-residence workspace for cross-disciplinary research and debate situated in Beijing.



Speedism / Rotten Drone Temple Doom Rock 

Pieterjan Ginckels (BE) and Julian Friedauer (DE)

The international duo Speedism showed a performance bordering on architecture and visual arts. An initiative in cooperation with the Chinese media and visualisation company Crystal CG.




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