International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality

ISMAR is an international academic conference on Mixed and Augmented Reality in Seoul. In 2010 V2_ selected three artworks for the related exhibition; Boris Debackere was a keynote speaker.

International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality

RE: by Bram Snijders and Carolien Teunisse

Oct 2010
Oct 2010
location: COEX/Art Center Nabi. Seoul, Korea

In 2010 the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality  (ISMAR) took place in Seoul, Korea. The symposium focused on the impacts of Mixed and Augmented Reality on industry and society. In this highly interdisciplinary field it aimed to bring together signal processing, computer vision, computer graphics, user interfaces, human factors, wearable computing, mobile computing, computer networks, displays, sensors, to name just some of the most important influences. 

Mixed and Augmented Reality concepts are applicable to a wide range of applications. Since 1998, ISMAR and its forerunner events, IWAR/ISAR and ISMR, have been the premier forums in this field.





In the framework of the ISMAR, the Nabi art center in Seoul organized the exhibition Borderless Reality in collaboration with V2_ that will be open for the public for a month. V2_ contributed three works, all of them co-produced by V2_Lab.

Selected works:

Image of Mirror Piece

Mirror Piece, by Marnix de Nijs is a mirror version of his previous work Physiognomic Scrutinizer. The installation detects and scrutinizes the faces of the people looking into the mirror. Rather than trying to identify the person, the software developed for this interactive installation probes for facial features and characteristics that are similar to one of the over 250 pre-selected persons in the database: all chosen for their controversial or infamous acts, but at the same time people that contributed to our contemporary culture. Mirror Piece is co-produced with V2_Lab.


Image of RE:

RE: is an audiovisual installation by Bram Snijders (Sitd) and Carolien Teunisse. RE: is a 360 projection-mapping installation that uses mirrors to allow a projector to project on its own surface. The mirrors bounce the projections back onto their source. Virtual pixels become points of augmentation in actual space. ‬

The reflected projection makes a mixed reality appear and disappear. In most cases the projector has a functional role in a video-installation; the projector in RE: functions as a symbol for both sender as receiver of the medium light.

The work is the outcome of the question what could the role of the projector be, explored in an installation presented by Bram Snijders at the Academie Gallery of the HKU (NL) in 2010, and is inspired by the research Carolien Teunisse has done on Augmented Reality during her internship at V2_. With the help of V2_Lab the artists have been able to take RE: to a higher technological level.

GPS Serendipitor

Serendipitor, by Mark Shepard, is an alternative GPS navigation software application for mobile phones that determines a route to a destination that the user has not previously taken, designed to facilitate finding something by looking for something else. Serendipitor was developed during Mark Shepard's Summer Session 2010 at V2_Lab and is part of his broader project Sentient City Survival Kit.


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