Iodine Dynamics presents What Remains

This night Iodine Dynamics will present their game 'What Remains'. What Remains is a game for the emblematic 1985 NES video game console, immersing the player in an eighties adventure to save the planet.

Sep 2018
18:00 to 20:00

What Remains

It is 1986. You just came home from a skate session when a Nintendo game cartridge falls into your hands. Excited to find out what kind of game is on the cartridge, you visit your friend who got a NES console for Christmas. You plug in the cartridge and a strange list of encrypted files appears... 
What Remains is a darkly humorous 8 bit game for the emblematic 1985 NES console, blending visual novel and adventure elements in a captivating story translating real events from the 80s into an epic quest to save the world. As the story unravels, your life in Sunny Peaks transforms dramatically. As you accidentally stumble into this story you start uncovering a dark secret threatening all of Sunny Peaks. But no despair, your best friend is by your side... as well as a very helpful cat. 
The game is developed for the original NES hardware. In line with the project’s concept, the game is developed on reused and repurposed cartridges. The ROM will be available for free and can be played in your favourite NES emulator. The source code and the tools created for the development of the game will be published under a free culture license.
Iodine Dynamics partly developed What Remains during V2_'s 3x3. Find out more here. Also visit the What Remains website.

Iodine Dynamics

Iodine Dynamics began as a spin-off from Miskatonic University, where they developed the first games that ran and manoeuvred like animals. Now we are taking the next step, combining the principles of reuse and state of the art recycling with simple mechanical designs, retro electronics, and cutting edge software for fun and intelligence. Iodine Dynamics has an extraordinary creative team of programmers, designers and writers who seamlessly combine advanced analytical thinking with bold 80s engineering and boots-in-the-mud practicality. 
Iodiny Dynamics prides itself in building games that both break and work in the real world. 
Iodine Dynamics is represented by Arnaud Guillon, Chun Lee, Dustin Long, Aymeric Mansoux and Marloes de Valk.

Time and Entrance

This event will take place between 20h and 22h. 
20.00h: Walk-in
20.30h: Celebratory launch with drinks
20.45h: Chiptune performance by Men of Mega

Men of Mega

Utrecht's punk rock influenced chiptune duo Men of Mega produce frantic, dancable music using the Nintendo Gameboy. Combining massive breakbeats with comedic melodies, they deliver an intense lo-fi electronic experience that is guaranteed to move your feet!
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