ISEA Symposium

Symposium about the use of computers in art education.

Nov 1994
14:00 to 17:30
location: Lantaren/Venster, Gouvernestraat 133

ISEA-NL organized a symposium for all those who are professionally interested in art education and the special problems caused by the introduction of the computer. This was a follow-up to the presentations of art academies and conservatories during DEAF94.

Due to the introduction of the computer, whole new disciplines appeared on the horizon, a certain mode of cooperation with scientists and technicians became desirable, if not inevitable, and a new financial problem came into existence.
During the symposium the history and development of education in these new fields was highlighted, as well as the way these problems were being met over here and abroad. Speakers were a.o. Peter Beyls, John Lansdown and Rene Swetter.

In the weeks before DEAF ISEA-NL organized a series of seminars at Lantaren/Venster on the use of computers in art:
3 October: Electronic Music and Computer Music (Alcedo Coenen, Maarten Visser)
10 October: Computer Graphics and Animation (Wim van der Plas)
15 October: High Tech Performance Art (Stelarc)
24 October: Interactive Media & Interactive Art (Dick Rijken, Ton Damen)


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