ISMAR 2011: Hello Worlds

V2_ is organizing the exhibition "Hello Worlds" for the 10th International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality in Basel, Switzerland.

Oct 2011
Oct 2011
location: Basel, Switserland

ISMAR is an international academic conference on Mixed and Augmented Reality. The 2011 edition will be held in Basel. After a well-received contribution to last years exhibition in Seoul, V2_ has been invited to organize an entire new exhibition in relation to the ISMAR conference. It's our ambition to connect artists to the academic context of this conference.


"Hello Worlds"

It's sometimes difficult to grasp how Augmented Reality could change our world. The current technological framework often confines the design and development of new AR applications. Artists and artworks can inspire us to envision what the future could look like. It’s the principal motivation of the artists in this exhibition to review and revise how we perceive and interact with the world around us.

We selected four works out of 24 submissions for further improvement and production in V2_'s Lab. These four brand new productions will be presented in the exhibition together with eight installations that form highlights in the history of artistic research in AR technology. Another two works are included as mock-up videos, a category that looks beyond the current technological limitations, and envisions exciting new applications in the field of Augmented Reality.

The Art Exhibition will be co-located at the electronic arts festival SHIFT, running simultaneously with the ISMAR conference. The unique collaboration with the SHIFT festival will provide a dedicated platform for AR artists to present their work in an artistic environment and provide a bridge with the ISMAR conference.



Selected Works

Cashback (give me more) by Nicolas Henchoz (CH)

Geek Run by Emilie Tappolet, Maria María Beltràn, Raphaël Muñoz (CH) (Produced by Master Media Design, Head – Geneva, with support of V2_Lab)

Re: Newspapers by Akitoshi Honda (JP) (Produced by V2_Lab)

Interstitial Space Helmet by James Auger (UK)

Jekyll and Hyde by Martin Kovacovsky and Marius Hügli (CH)

lifeClipper3 by Jan Torpus (CH)

Besides the artistic video documentation shown at the exhibition venue, lifeClipper3 offers visitors an augmented walk during ISMAR11. Visitors can make a reservation on the website http://www.lifeClipper3.torpus.com

Perpendicular Cinema by Julien Maire (FR)

Reverse Blinking by Ief Spincemaille (BE)

Sensible 1.0 by Bram Snijders (NL) (Produced by V2_Lab)

Solace by Nicky Assmann (NL) (Distributed by V2_Agency)

Static by Wim Janssen (NL)

The ... by Kasia Molga (PL/UK) (Produced by V2_Lab)

USB Organs by Wu Juehui, CN

Augmented (hyper)Reality by Keiichi Matsuda (JP/UK)

Mediating Mediums by Greg Tran (US)

NGA Experience by Tate Strickland (US)

Sports++ by Sander Veenhof (NL) (Produced in collaboration with V2_Lab)


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