Keynote: Misfits Philosophies of Disruption

Economic historian Alexa Clay bringt attention to misfits in the black market, underground and fringe economies that actively pose threats to some of our ideas of progress.

Keynote: Misfits Philosophies of Disruption

Alexa Clay

May 2014
15:00 to 16:00
location: Het Nieuwe Instituut, Museumpark, Rotterdam

Misfits are the gangsters on the corners of Cape Town townships, Mumbai slums, and rough New York City neighborhoods. Misfits are the young hackers on the digital frontlines of the virtual world. Misfits are the pirates of the 18th century high seas. Misfits are the invisible con artists among us. Built on research from her forthcoming book, The Misfit Economy, Alexa will bring attention to some of the strategies and philosophies operating on the fringe and ask what we can learn from these outliers to challenge our current system and thinking.


The Misfit Economy

Misfit subculture (video)

Twitter: @misfiteconomy



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