LANGUAGE - a Media Technology MSc exhibition

V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media presents: LANGUAGE — a Media Technology MSc exhibition. Opening on 20 December 2017, 17:00h.

Dec 2017
Dec 2017
11:00 to 17:00
location: V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media Eendrachtsstraat 10, 3012 XL, Rotterdam

Within Leiden University’s Media Technology MSc program students are encouraged to develop a playful and creative approach towards science. Students are educated to translate personal interests and inspiration into research projects. Media Technology MSc is open to unusual questions, unconventional research methods and alternative forms of scientific output besides written articles. This includes installations, games and books as a possible result from academic research. The semester project is a good example of the approach of Media Technology MSc: students are asked to translate their statement into a work that functions within an exhibition context.


LANGUAGE’ was chosen as global theme for this year’s semester project. From this global theme multiple subthemes were derived: 

abstractcodecontextevolution,gesturelovesynthetictranslation and universal.

The students work in groups of typically three, each with their own sub-theme.

The semester project has three phases. First, students are asked to explore their theme in the broadest sense (social, mathematical, biological, etc.) and discover what it could possibly relate to. After gaining sufficient insight they formulate compelling statements related to the theme. Only once this stage is completed they translate their statements into installations. Together these installations form the semester project exhibition.

Public Presentations

On Friday December 22nd we host two public lectures connected to the program. Details will be announced later. 


Opening ceremony:
Wednesday December 20, 17:00h.

Public opening hours:
December 21–23, 12:00–18:00h. Admission is free of cost.

Public presentations:
Friday December 22, details to be announced.



Sylvia Vermeulen, Suzan Baraka, Ashley Pinshien Lee

Disonnected Identity
Bonny Vloet, Jente Insing, Mark van Koningsveld

Not Here, Not Now
Christina Mason, Lotte van der Kamp, Petar van Haaster

In Sync
Arzu Sahin, Antria Kkousii, Maik Lanen

The Abstraction Project
Alexandra Verzier, Max Graven, Jolanda Versteeg

Anna Chocholi, Rense Notenboom, Stijn van Vilsteren

Shaping Words
Yanni Xiong, Alessandro Panto, Miguel Mira

You Must Love
Youngji Cho, Wouter Moraal

The Socially Desirable Answering Machine
Evelien Mols, John Wesseling, Zois Loumakis

Excuse Me, What?
Banmeng Lei, Rinske Roeleveld. Donna Schreuter


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