Lectures: Manifestation for the Unstable Media 2

A series of lectures which were part of the second Manifestation for the Unstable Media, 1988.

Lectures: Manifestation for the Unstable Media 2

photo: Jan Sprij

Nov 1988
Nov 1988
location: V2, Aawal 2a, 's Hertogenbosch

As part of the Manifestation for the Unstable Media 2, a series of lectures took place, featuring professor J.M. Meijer on artificial intelligence, brain specialist Dr. Van Strien, artist-composer Dick Raaijmakers, D. de Ruyter on sound therapy, Butzman and Kapielsky about the relation between sound and image and Frans Evers on synaesthetics.




November 5: Dick Raaijmakers Beeld-Geluid

November 7: J.M. Meijer on artificial intelligence & Jeffrey Shaw on interactive art applications

November 8: Dr. Van Strien on human intelligence & D. de Ruijter on soundtherapy (Tomatis)

November 10: Frans Evers The third synesthetic wave in modern art, followed by
Thomas Kapielsky Still pictures and music, and Frieder Butzman Moving Pictures and Music


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