Graduation Research Hub: Live Alone Die Together

The Graduation Research Hub at V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media features work by students of the St. Joost Master Institute of Visual Cultures.

May 2021
May 2021
location: Online

The final year students of the St. Joost Master Institute of Visual Cultures are proud to present their artistic journey of their expanding research and practice in the fields of art and design in the upcoming Graduation Research Hub at  V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam, livestreamed through thecurrent.is/live.

The exhibition, titled Live Alone Die Together, refers to the feeling of fragility that lingers beneath our human structures; questioning our grand plans for prosperity, progress and permanence. That humanity is interconnected to a broader, increasingly unbalanced ecosystem cannot be ignored, making many of us recognize what really matters: togetherness.

The practices showcased range from painting and sculpture to moving image that address a wide diversity of questions; from unruly queer bodies subsumed by growing organic matter, to the frictions that emerge from questioning ones’ cultural identity. Regardless of their versatility, they share common ground in the criticality over the pre-established ways of looking at the world. It is all about destabilizing the stable, revealing the turbulence as we chose to stay with the trouble that the current times point us toward, to open new ways of seeing.

See you there, stay tuned to our socials for the streaming schedule.

17 + 18 May: Visual Arts and Post Contemporary Practice
19 May: Situated Design

Livestream: thecurrent.is/live
Instagram: stjoostmasters

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