Machine Aesthetics: Student Seminar

Seminar about the theory and practice of contemporary media art in the context of the program series "Machine Aesthetics" (1997).

Machine Aesthetics: Student Seminar

Machine Aesthetics: Eric Kluitenberg and Andreas Broeckmann

Jun 1997
09:00 to 14:00
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam.

Seminar for students and others about the theory and practice of contemporary media art. Guided by Eric Kluitenberg (media-gn) and Andreas Broeckmann (V2_) with presentations by Nicolas Anatol Baginsky and Seiko Mikami. Held in Dutch, presentations in English.

Some words by Eric Kluitenberg on the subject of the seminar:

 "A fragmentary, yet illustrated, exploration of the compulsive nature of machine aesthetics. Reflections of the machinic in the arts are hardly ever unambiguous. A certain uneasiness qualifies most artistic ventures that treat the machine as a theme, as a medium, or as a process. On the one hand they reveal some intrinsic features of the technological apparatus they explore, but at the same time they also hint at sub-liminal anxieties that seem to relate more even to the machinic, than to technology as such. The subconscious delocation of primal fears of the machinic contributes strongly to the compulsive beauty of the aesthetic of the Machine."

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