Manifestatie over extreme informatiestromen

This "Manifestation about Extreme Information Streams" presents products from independent publishers from around the world, including V2_'s own publishing and distribution.

Manifestatie over extreme informatiestromen

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Sep 1987
Sep 1987
22:00 to 22:00
location: V2, Aawal 2a, Den Bosch

This "Manifestation about Extreme Information Streams" presents products from independent publishers from around the world to a larger audience. Since V2_ itself is publishing since 1984, publications, audio, video and cassette releases, as well as distributing the works of other publishers though the V2_Store.

Over the last years, V2_ has been in contact with publishers, artists, musicians, even political movements, to present a more diverse view on the world. For such, V2_ has started to set up an extensive archive of the materials received from these many sources.

The idea that anyone can be a producer is not new. During the past 10-15 years, not only did people become aware of this, but they chose to become independent ever since the new art and music explosion of the late 70s. Since then, the distribution and exchange of independent released products have become stronger. An international network, based on idealism, is expanding constantly, and is expected to widen in the future.

All over the world, mailing-lists and address-directories are being compared and exchanged. Modern communication-systems increased the speed of  this exchange dramatically (be it mail, phone, telex, fax, computers). Still, this particular exchange is still often based on personal contacts, and shared interests. And since some of these alternative forms and new ideas are not easily accepted by the mass-media production circuit, this exchange movement takes on political significance. While mass-media production focuses on simple schedules, popular programs and the entertainment of the masses, they do not embrace new ideas, opinions or products.

New products often are multi-medial, where techniques and technologies are used in new, different ways; this in contrast to the main-stream production of the same. Additionally, the design aspect of alternative products is another vital aspect of this creative movement (ex. records, audio- and video-cassettes, films, books, magazines, pamphlets, posters, mailart etc).

V2_ organized this event for two principal reasons: to present a survey of the evolution and recent developments, and to present itself as a center where these extreme information streams can meet.

During this period, V2_ will host an exhibition of independently released products, and organize several live actions (on the 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 15 and 26th).

The V2_Archive presents its materials in the large hall, the most recent products (in limited editions) from this selection are also available for sale. In other areas of the exhibitions space, one can see materials contributing by the Documentation Department for Social Movement of the University of Amsterdam, and by the private collector Jan van Toorn. V2_ presents this two collections excerpts audio-visually through different modern media.

The exhibition catalogue contains an address listing of all independent publishers who were approached for this Manifestation.

text adapted from the program flyers


Nederlands / Dutch text

Aandacht op onafhankelijk uitgebrachte uitgaves op audio/visueel gebied en degene die het verspreiden. Ondersteuning van o.a. het Abbe Museum, Stadsschouwburg en Historisch Museum van Den Bosch en de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Deze manifestatie annex beurs beoogt het onder aandacht brengen van produkten in allerlei vormen van onafhankelijke uitgevers uit allerlei werelddelen voor een groter publiek. De interesse van V2_ in dit circuit is gebaseerd op het feit dat V2_ sinds 1984 zelf actief is in dat circuit door het uitgeven van diverse produkten zoals drukwerk, audio- en video-cassettes, etc en door het distribueren van deze uitgaves en van soortgelijke produkten aan derden.

In de afgelopen jaren is V2_ met vele uitgevers, kunstenaars, muzikanten, politieke bewegingen en andersdenkenden uit allerlei windstreken in contact gekomenen heeft sindsdien uit al het ontvangen materiaal een uitgebreid archief samengesteld. Het idee dat iedereen zijn eigen uitgever kan zijn is op zichzelf niet nieuw. Sinds de laatste twintig jaar zijn velen zich hiervan bewust geworden. Vooral sinds de nieuwe kunst en muziek-explosievan eind jaren zeventig nemen steeds meer mensen het heft in eigen handen en sindsdien viert de verspreiding en de uitwisseling van nieuwe ideëen en onafhankelijk uitgegeven produkten hoogtij. Het wereldwijdse netwerk binnen dit circuit is door een sterk idealisme nog steeds groeiende en zal zich ongetwijfeld nog verder ontwikkelen.

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