Manifestation for the Unstable Media 3: Exhibition

An exhibition with works by Heiner Holtappels (NL), Peter d'Agostino (USA), Barry Schwartz (USA) and Stephen Wilson (USA), part of the third Manifestation for the Unstable Media.

Nov 1990
Nov 1990
location: V2_,Aawal 2a, Kunstakademie and Kerkplein, Den Bosch

(...) an exhibition of works made by several artists who work with electronic media/tools. The works (mostly installations) will be presented in the V2_ building in the period of 17 till 24 November (except for the work of Stephen Wilson called Street Voice Space which located on a square in the centre of town). The work of Peter d'Agostino called On the Lines is realised in cooperation with the Rijksmuseum Twente which have in the period an exhibition on interactivity in art.

(Text taken from the information booklet)

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