Mapping Your Creative Territory

The application of new tools for scientific visualization to music with Joel Ryan (NL/US) for composers, media artists, mathematicians, and computer scientists, at the ZKM (DE).

Mapping Your Creative Territory

Mapping Your Creative Territory

Nov 2002
Nov 2002
location: Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Lorenzstraße 19, Karlsruhe

Modern music attempts to manage an unprecedented plethora of detail. The massive data problem is as much the nature of contemporary culture as it is the gift of our new computer based tools. This quest is not unique to music and mathematical tools have recently emerged to deal with understanding complex heterogeneous systems of data. The workshop's goal is to find ways to coordinate the recognition and recovery of states of complex real time instruments. A target example could be called the "Preset Mapping Problem". The workshop focusses on music, but the solutions might be directly applicable to the control of any real time system. The focus will not be on the musical time line or score problem.

The workshop is prospecting for new tools for composition and music performance suggested by innovations in the visualization and navigation of scientific data. Methods are emerging in fields as diverse as immunology, protein synthesis, chaotic dynamics and data mining of texts, all fields which have come to life since computational based techniques have brought their complexity with in grasp. The sheer immensity of the problems attempted has stimulated the search for intermediate tools for sifting multidimensional avalanches of detail. Perhaps our faculty of visual analysis can add to what our ears tell us.

The workshop is addressed to participants:
+ who have expertise in practical music platforms like SuperCollider or
+ Max and musician/composers who need this solution
+ who have experience in one of the sciences which already have practical solutions for large data space problems
+ who can act as mathematical references

The workshop is limited to 10 participants. The language is English.

Interfacing Realities is a Culture 2000 project initiated by V2_ and realized in collaboration with EncArt. EncArt (European Network for Cyber Arts) is a longterm collaboration between the ZKM in Karlsruhe, Ars Electronica in Linz, C3 in Budapest and V2_ in Rotterdam that started in 1997.

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