Media Art Meetup (2/4) - Introduction to Bio-Art

V2_Lab for the Unstable Media presents a crash course in the field of Art & Media Technology. Four meetups give a comprehensive overview of the field; its history, the current themes and issues, and possible future developments.

Feb 2019
18:30 to 21:00

The crash course is suitable for anyone who wants to know more about the intersection of Art, Technology/Science & Society. Whether you are completely unfamiliar with 'Media Art' or have been following the developments at V2_ and similar institutions for the past decades, this is your chance to find answers to your questions on the subject.

Experts within the domain, along with our archivist, researcher & media theorist Arie Altena, and a selection of contemporary artists will break down the subject in a way that is understandable and accessible for everyone.

V2_'s Media Art Meetup's are financially supported by Volkskracht.

26 February

Join us at V2_Lab for the Unstable Media on February 26 from 20:00–22.00 (doors open at 19.30) for the second of four planned meetups: 'An Introduction to Bio-Art'.

Lucas Evers

Lucas Evers is trained in fine arts and teaching at Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design and he studied politics at the University of Amsterdam. His interests lie in the way we can learn from the interactions, the differences and similarities, between artistic, scientific and other cultures of research.

In April 2007, Lucas Evers joined Waag and is currently leading Waag's Open Wetlab. He is actively involved in several projects that concern the interactions between the arts and sciences, arts and ethics and the arts in a contemporary makers culture. The Open Wetlab is a laboratory where arts, design, sciences, engineering and the public meet to research biotechnologies and their impact on society and ecology.

Arie Altena

Next to being the website, and archive editor at V2_, Arie Altena writes about art and technology. He is especially interested the interplay between new technologies, art, culture & society and is the author of Wat is Community Art? (V2_Publishing).

During this meetup Arie will give a overview of Bio-Art related projects, artists and artworks from the V2_Archive and explore the role V2_ has had in the development of the field, both locally and internationally.

Špela Petrič

Špela Petrič, BSc, MA, PhD, is a Slovenian new media artist and former scientific researcher currently based between Ljubljana, SI and Amsterdam, NL. Her practice is a multi-species endeavor, a deviant composite which of natural sciences, wet media and performance. She tries to envision artistic experiments that enact strange relationalities in hopes of enriching our adjacent possible. Much of her recent work has focused on plant life.

During this meetup Špela will share her own experiences and views from the perspective of an artist active in the field, talk about her groundbreaking work with plants, as well as show parts of her project 'Ectogenesis/Phytoteratology'.


Free Entrance / Donation
Doors open at 19:30, Talks start at 20:00 (please be on time)

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