Visual music event at V2: a manifestation of visual music



Sep 1986
Sep 1986
19:30 to 10:00
location: Aawal 2a, Den Bosch

This two-day event centers around the borderland between sound, music, performance, film, and video. Performances where held on three stages in three different rooms of the V2 factory building. One could rather speak of 'visual sound structures' (visuele geluidsbouwwerken) than regular concerts. The program title was inspired by the book 'Metabletica' ("science of change", 1956) by Jan van den Berg.

The Friday-program consists of Zombies under Stress (NL), a two-people performance, where music can be described as electronic hardcore and film a part of the performance. Bog-Art (BRD) is a fusion of bodyperformance and music on stage, where the rhythmic sound supports the performance. In the next performance music is an essential part: Tasaday (IT) uses current instruments, drums, saxophone and guitar, and the music can be described as 'rustic-industrial'. Katharos (NL) is a collective of musicians, video- and filmmakers, some of which perform under the name 'Sluagh Ghairm'. Afterwards a video by Katharos is shown.

On Saturday, the 6th, Coup de Grace (USA) together with Danny Devos (BEL) are to deliver a performance, describable as short, powerful, uncompromising. The next performance by Kankerkommando (BEL) is hard to describe. In Belgium, they performed a six-hour event on different floors of a building. Étant Donnés (FR) shows a perfectly balanced performance with an oversized puppet and a great amount of light effects; an explosive action accompanied by a studio-tape. Swimming Behaviour O.T.H.I. (BRD) consists of four people, none of whom will perform music on stage: they exclusively use light-, film- and diaprojectors, with sound from a tape. A strong visual performance.

[text adapted from the Press release and program flyer]


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