Millennium Dialogue: Leading the Edge

At the crest of rapid economic growth, China has enjoyed a parallel advancement in the digital realm, deploying the latest development in communication technologies and nurturing vast opportunities for both artistic creation and social progress. Chinese art has inevitably, like the rest of the world, come to face similar challenges of the digital era.

May 2004
Jun 2004
location: China Millennium Museum, Beijing

The international exhibition and symposium Millennium Dialogue aims at creating a constructive dialogue and promoting a dynamic interaction between Chinese artists and global trends in digital art education, production and theorization. During the first phase of this program, Leading the Edge, a number of internationally acclaimed leading educational and research institutions will participate in a fourteen-day exhibition (May 28 - June 13) and a two-day symposium (May 28-29). Director of V2_ Alex Adriaansens will present the 22 years of history of V2_, and will highlight some specific research projects and unstable media art works that give an insight in the interdisciplinary aspects that are profiling media art.

Presented by Tsinghua University (Beijing, CN), ZKM | Center for Art and Media (Karlsruhe, D) and V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media.

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