MMBase and online archives

An expert meeting on MMBase, an open source content management system.

Mar 2001
09:00 to 16:00
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

On March 22, 2001 V2_ and the Dutch Virtual Platform organized an expert meeting about MMBase, an open source content management system widely supported by the digital culture community in the Netherlands.

MBase is an open source publishing system, created by VPRO (a Dutch broadcasting organization), which can be used to create large websites that can be maintained easily. It separates content from layout, in this way information can be reused easily. MMBase is very unique in the way it maintains its information: it creates an object cloud that is a digital representation of 'real' world objects.

The expert meeting started with two presentations - one about MMBase and its features, by members of the MMBase development team, and another about the V2_Archive and V2_Webproject where MMBase is integrated in an experimental way. During two parallel table discussions, the participating organizations shared their experiences with online archives and content management; common interests in the MMBase project became more clear and several recommendations for further MMBase developments were outlined.

Number of participants: 23

Participating organizations: V2_Organisation, NAA, Paradiso, Virtueel Platform, IFFR, KPN Research, Steim, NFI, Filmmuseum, Maastricht McLuhan Institute, VPRO, Q42, and Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst.


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