Music & Interfaces

Music program, part of DEAF95.

Music & Interfaces

Music & Interfaces: Mark Trayle (detail)

Nov 1995
Nov 1995
location: Lantaren/Venster, Gouvernestraat 133 / Nighttown

Afternoon program at Lantaren/Venster

13.00: Michel Waisvisz (NL), assisted by Joel Ryan (GB/NL) in his Musical Lecture
14.00: Joel Ryan (GB/NL), Jane Henry (GB) and Dirk Haubrich (D), presenting their new performance program developed at Steim
15.30: Mark Trayle gave a performance related to his installation "Arcana 33 1/3 / Automatic Descriptions" in the DEAF95 exhibition
16.30: Michael Saup elucidated his installation "Binary Ballistic Ballet", on view at the V2_Building during the DEAF95 exhibition
17.30: Florentijn Boddendijk (NL), Edwin van der Heide (NL) and Anne Wellmer (NL) presented their new performance, which they described as "Science Fiction Variété"
20.00: Granular~Synthesis (A) and their "Modell 5" performance


Evening program at Nighttown

20.00: doors open, DJ

21.00: Scanner (GB), a project by Robin Rimbaud
22.15: Michel Waisvisz (NL)
23.00: Locust (GB), British band in the experimental ambient genre. During their performance they made extensive use of visual material.
24.00: DJ (till 01.00)

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