Neckhair Chronicles

A new music project or a music theater piece, presented by Young Farmers Claim Future.

Neckhair Chronicles

Young Farmers Claim Future: Neckhair Chronicles; photo: Jan Sprij

Oct 1993
19:00 to 22:00
location: V2_ Muntelstraat 23, Den Bosch

A music theatre piece in which reality and fiction, live and playback were mixed together. The piece looked like a mock congress with experts, researchers and inventors in the areas of genetics, biology, art and aeronautics. Proposals were launched which were intended to push evolution and society in unforeseen directions.

Young Farmers Claim Future presented The Neckhair Chronicles, a project in which new music assembled with the technological dissipations of our time. It was about new sciences, Darwin, Galilee and Kirchner and proposals that pushed the society and the evolution in an unexpected direction. Footage was drawn off the satellite; the only evidence for the media that something is going on, and for ourself that we exist.

... father of a family and according to what he says addicted to his satellite dish, TV's and videorecorders. Without any trouble he switches between Japan, Mexico and Bosnia in search of the truth. He knows how the politician prepares himself, cursing for a TV speech and how a maimed corpse in Sarajevo is being dragged out of a car. 'I cannot watch a normal TV program any more, for me this is real television, direct and unveiled'; cultural anthropology in the 21st century, technology in the hands of the masses.

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