New Economy

Series of lectures and workshop as part of the Urban Strategies - Urban Agency program delving on the redefinition of politics, citizenship and the subject as a result of the new forms of agency and participation.

New Economy

New Economy: introduction by Andreas Broeckmann

Nov 1999
19:30 to 22:30
location: Goethe-Institut, Westersingel 9, Rotterdam.

Thinking about modern economy, politics and culture is still closely connected to the notion of the autonomous individual. However, current technological and social shifts suggest the development of a new economic framework and thus undermine the position of this social ideal.

Globalisation of production and distribution, mass labour migration, the decrease of employment because of automation etc., create a new social situation where cultural and political functions of the public domain change, and where the place of the individual and groups have to be reconsidered. What will this new economy and these new forms of subjectivity look like, and how will they be shaped?

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