META.MORF 2010 - New.Brave.World is a new Biennial for Arts and Technology in Norway organized by the Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre (TEKS). The first edition is curated by Alex Adriaansens and Espen Gangvik, director of TEKS.


Lucid Phantom Messenger, Herwig Weiser

Oct 2010
Nov 2010
location: Various locations Trondheim, Norway

The biennial includes art exhibitions at Trondheim Art Museum, Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art and Babel – Showroom for art, as well as several conferences, workshops, film screenings and concerts through out a whole month. The exhibition New.Brave.World, curated by Alex Adriaansens, builds on the ongoing research at V2_ around the formative principles of networks and the principles of interactions in and between them. It shows more then 20 art works by 16 artists: 

Andy Gracie (UK), Annina Rüst (CH), Chris Salter (US/QC/CA), Erik Olofsen (NL), Henrik Menné (DK), Herman Asselberghs (BE), Herwig Weiser (AT), Ionat Zurr/Oron Catts (AU), Jonathan Shipper (US), José Manuel Berenguer (ES), Kristoffer Myskja (NO), Michael Najjar (DE), Michiko Nitta (UK), Ralf Baecker (DE), Studio Roosegaarde (NL), Tuur van Balen (BE).

The exhibition has an emphasis on the transformative and manipulative forces of technology instead of its symbolic and representative qualities. Understanding how basic forces work and what kind of structures spontaneously arise through interaction is one of the underlying topics in the art works presented at the exhibition. In the art works this is expressed in the design and use of networks; the relationship between power, control and self-organization; the issue of diversity and variation; and the question of form finding principles of organic and non-organic materials through different sorts of interaction.

The Metamorf biennale presents workshops, screenings, public art work, several conferences amongst which the 11th Consciousnous Reframed Conference from Roy Ascott, a one day conference focussed by the artists participating in the exhibitions and conceptualized by Angelica Schmitt and moderated by Michel van Dartel, and a one day conference on Art & Technology and the Pubic Sphere by Jeremy Welsh.

Performing artists are: Tomoko Sauvage (JP/FR), Antoine Schmitt/Jean-Jaques Birgè (FR), Staalplaat Soundsystem (NL), Roberto Paci Dalò (IT), Audiovision: Karl Bartos/Mathias Black (DE), Pierre Bastien (NL), artificiel: POWEr (CA), iIn c i t e / (DE), Tore Bøe (NO/SP), Kai Kobi Mikalsen (NO), Alexander Rshaug (NO), Origami Boe (NO/SP), Greg Pope (UK/NO), Brucemcclure (US), Sohnified (NO), Kaos (NO), Hands up silver spacesuit (NO), Killing Fields (NO), Flymodus (NO), Lumisokea (IT/BE).


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