INFRActures: Translations between the Sonic, Spatial and Temporal

INFRActures is an exhibition project transcending the sensory perceptible at the convergences of sound art and architecture.

INFRActures: Translations between the Sonic, Spatial and Temporal

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Dec 2005
Dec 2005
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

Artists Edwin van der Heide, Cevdet Erek, mxHz.org and STEALTH.[u]ltd have been commissioned to create four new works which make tangible what is not registered by our senses within an urban environment, such as ultra- and infra-sonics, and different perceptions of time and spatiality. Cities as Rotterdam and Istanbul make up the source material and points of departure for the installations, which are interactive in character and allow for a participative and layered audiovisual experience.

INFRActures artworks

Edwin van der Heide: Sound/Light/Street
Along de Witte de With Street units consisting of light sensors and microphones are attached. These units register street activity, and pass on the data to a line of lamps installed in the V2_ exhibition space. A continuum is created between changes in light, infra-sonics and the audible street sounds. The intensity of the lamps in the exhibition space mirror what is effectively happening a bit further down the road at the Witte de With Street. In order to capture the sounds, the audience is equipped with special receivers, so they can audibly zoom in and out.

Edwin van der Heide (1970) is a renowned sound and media artist. Navigating subtly between sound, light and space, he creates innovative audio installation or performance situations. He teaches at the Interfaculty at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, and in the Master of Media Technology program at the University of Leiden.

STEALTH.[u]ltd: Street/Appropriation/Struggle
Street/Appropriation/Struggle researches how different forms and modes of territorialisation take place by observing those, often, subtle mechanisms in the Witte de With Street in Rotterdam (Witte de Withstraat). The latter are ported into a digital simulation environment, making it possible to amplify them and bring them to their extremes. Through this, these usually ephemeral territories are able to turn into tangible topologies. In the exhibition space, a simulation engine will generate a series of scenarios based on observations of real-life events from the Witte de Withstraat. The resulting struggle over space will be graphically exposed. The output of the simulation interacts with the Sound/Light/Street installation of Edwin van der Heide, leaving its imprint on the installation at intervals, temporally replacing the real-time signals from the Witte de Withstraat with its simulated extreme. In this collaboration, Van der Heide is responsible for the sonification processes.

STEALTH.[u]ltd is a Rotterdam-based collective focusing on on time and information based strategies in architecture, urban design and culture-based projects. Cross-disciplinary collaborations and experimentation on the borderlines of cultural and technological issues make it possible to explore unconventional approaches. Its core members are Ana Dzokic, Mario Campanella and Marc Neelen.

Cevdet Erek: Avluda|In The Courtyard
The Maçka Arsenal, built in 1873 by architect Sarkis Balyan, is now part of the Istanbul Technical University. The double courtyard was the result of mid-twentieth century construction, and possesses a completely different character than the exterior of the building. The building's usual inhabitants hardly enter this semi-public area whose surrounding walls filter out most of the outside noises except the faint echoes of call to prayer and other street sounds. The courtyard stands silent and empty. During a year Erek collected sound and images, which resulted in a poetic video work fracturing sound, image and space.

Cevdet Erek (Istanbul, 1974) is an architect and sound artist. He has participated in various architecture and music projects in Turkey and abroad, and is currently artist-in-residence at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam.

mxHz.org: TICS [THIS INAUDIBLE CITY SOUNDS: Reading through Pamuk's Istanbul]
The loss of sound is often lamented in literature about cities; this also happens in Turkish novelist's Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul, memories of a city (2005), which is taken as a blueprint for this installation. In various European cities, at urban sites reminiscent of Pamuk's description, Van Belle collects ultra-sonic sounds with a special detector. This material is made audible, and the sound archive is mapped dynamically within the physical exhibition space. The layered sounds can be literally disturbed by a vertical walk past the thresholds of the audible.

mxHz.org (= machine cent'red humanz) a.k.a. the nomadic sound and media artist Guy Van Belle (1959) has been unleashing (networked) performances, concerts, workshops and unexpected artistic projects since 1990. All his current works are studies and side projects of an homage to composer Arsenij Avraamov, planned 7 November 2022 in Baku (Azerbaijan).

Curator: Nat Muller in collaboration with Stephen Kovats

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