The music program of DEAF96 consisting of two evenings at Nighttown in Rotterdam.


Nodes & Notes

Sep 1996
Sep 1996
19:00 to 21:55
location: Nighttown, Rotterdam

The title refers to the musical material (the NOTES) and to the intersections (the NODES or Servers) on the Internet. The program dealt with recent, trendsetting developments within music culture, while discussing the possibilities of using the Internet for composing, improvisations and concerts, as well as the 'physical' networks of collaborating musicians.

Nodes & Notes I - 18 September

Sensorband (Edwin van der Heide, Zbigniew Karkowski and Atau Tanaka) tested the decibel limits of Nighttown with three oscillators. By continuously modulating three sound sources 'nodes and anti-nodes' were created in several places in Nighttown.

Artist group Laboratory of Art Technologies projected sinus waves with a laser beam, thus rendering a 3D image of what we hear.

SoundNET took the word 'network' very literally: in their performance 'SHI', the band members climbed a NET of 8 by 10 meters. Sensors attached to the ropes registered differences in tension and converted these into sound.

Shaolin Wooden Men's identity is a well-kept secret. Rumor has it that they are based in Hong Kong, the city from where their releases reach the world. During DEAF96 the Shaolin Wooden Men were performing in Melbourne (Australia) and this performance could be seen in Nighttown through an Internet connection.

Novi Compositori (Igor Veritchev & Valera Alakhov) are based in St. Petersburg and create a fusion of images and sounds within one performance. This has developed into the World Wide Show, a multimedia theater piece, and their CD 'Astra' that was hailed as a masterpiece in the British dance magazines.

Bumperband On-line (Ed Bezem, Pieter Jongelie) is the title of an installation that was displayed on both evenings. Here a number of players in Nighttown - and a lot more through the Internet - could simultaneously steer their own bumper car over a miniature bumper car track. Each car had its own specially assigned sound source and when they bumped into each other this caused musical sounds.

Nodes & Notes II - 19 September

Part two of the program Nodes&Notes included:

Da Jungl Networking
In 1996, the most exciting developments in contemporary music took place in jungle. This music's main feature is the lack of monotonous beats which have been replaced by the continuously changing rhythm of snare drums, laying the basis for a variety of instruments and vocals that only occasionally rise above the violent percussion. Da Jungl Networking featured: DJ Nubian, Marc Mec & Dego, Jacob's Optical Stairway and Soundz and images of da Jungl, which is the access of specific Websites dedicated to Jungle.

Non-Local Concert (Edwin van der Heide, Zbigniew Karkowski and Atau Tanaka) was a network composition by the Sensorband, performing here with the Utrecht based Techno-Company: the Human Beings. By means of video teleconferencing and midi hook-ups a concert was given that could be simultaneously attended at different locations.

The Remix Project: Three producers in three rooms of Nighttown mixed the same material into something new by using samplers, mixing consoles and sequencers. The remixers all had different backgrounds in music: one as a techno producer (Jeroen Verhey), one as a hip hop-DJ (Alien) and one as an ambient/noise producer (Peter Fleur). Three teams of video mixers processed each other's visual material and computer animations. The Audio-Visual Setup linking the three rooms was taken care of by Cut-Up, Hoochie Coochie Cartoons + Armin Dröge.


Nodes&Notes, DEAF96 (1996) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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