OOO: Objet Oriente Objet (Kunstavond)

Inspired by the works of expanded cinema and minimal art of the 1960s, and collaborating for about twenty years, Julien Clauss and Olivier Perriquet have gradually made their practices of sound and image porous. Objet Orienté Objet (OOO) is a live performance on analog devices in which three turntables and a set of projectors are manipulated in real time.

Apr 2022
18:00 to 21:00


This event takes place during Kunstavond. The performance starts at 19:00h sharp. Entrance is free!


Objet Orienté Objet

On the turntables, equipped with a laser that functions as a scanning head and whose signal is interpreted by a modular synthesizer, objects are played. The actions are visible and simple. Punctual light sources, of different powers, omni-directional or focused, static or mobile, are played simultaneously, revealing the objects by making them exist at the dimension of the space. Starting from objects whose attributes (color, shape, geometry…) can be immediately deciphered with the eyes, it is their setting in motion that gives rise to a temporality, a rhythm. These machines are designed for hands-on use and therefore, they assume the function of an instrument.

The instruments, generating sound and image, are in sight from the start and throughout the performance. The processes involved are legible: everything is intelligible, and can be broken down by the mind. It occurs like a visual and sound arithmetic whose complexity is not the result of an intricate process that is hidden in the arcane of a "black box", but simply emerges from the interference between elementary processes. A transmutation takes place, whose general equation is this: matter, taken in a regular motion, produces time and space.

OOO is situated in a “before cinema”, at a historical moment when cinema has not yet become an industry, when the projector, the cinema room, and the ritual that accompanies each projection, have not yet standardized in a form that is denying space because it has become banal and always identical. Working on the contrary upstream of the production of these supports, OOO makes the very principle of a recording prior to a broadcast disappear. The mobile light sources replace the camera and produce an image whose diffusion is immediate, making the camera, the projector and the projection space coincide on the one hand, and the shooting and the projection on the other hand.


Produced by iMAL in the framework of the EASTN-DC project, co-funded by the European Union.

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