Open day V2_, V2_Archief, V2_ Audiovisual

In 1991, V2_'s focus shifted from the presentation of media art in its own space to the presentation of V2_ itself as an organization and a production and distribution center for media art

Sep 1991
12:00 to 21:00

In 1991, V2_Organisation was split up in three different foundations: V2_ (for the presentation of media art), V2_ Audiovisual (a workshop and rental service of professional video equipment for art institutions and artists) and V2_Archief (distribution of independent media, such as books, magazines, records and CD's in the domain of media art).

In September 1991, V2_ held an open day where it presented itself to the public. The interactive work "A.I. Kunstenaar" by Toon Diepstraten was presented there. Apart from this, a video editing room was open for demonstrations; interested artists were informed about facilities in V2_'s workshop. Some objects and projects that were developed in 1991 were on display.

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