Open_Brunch: Post Digital

Brunch presentation at DEAF04.

Nov 2004
11:30 to 14:00
location: Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, Van Nelleweg 1

The current post digital (r)evolution is both a radical break from and continuance of 'digitalism' - the belief in digital technologies. After 9/11, technology is less about mastering the 'universal dream-machines', and more about how we as humans put technology to use. We have entered a zone for a new sensitivity, mirroring the new needs, hopes and actions experienced in a world ruled by conflicts caused by the old New Economy, failed globalization, and war on beliefs. This brunch focuses on three post digital expressions: 1) self sacrifice and human-bombs, 2) love as the manifestation of ideology and 3) evil as the new interface between politics and religion.

Introduced by Nat Muller (NL) and moderated by Stahl Stenslie (NO)

Guests: Stahl Stenslie (NO), media artist, curator and researcher, Kate Pendry (GB), performance artist and Jurij Krpan (SI), director and curator of the Kapelica Gallery

Food design by Inge Gregoire (NL), food artist

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