Open_Brunch: Sonic Pulse

Brunch presentation at DEAF04.

Nov 2004
11:30 to 14:00
location: Van Nelle Ontwerpfabriek, Van Nelleweg 1

The earth's magnetosphere is a complex and globally unifying system carrying and tracing all the electronic data released by natural environment and human made technology. It incorporates the intrinsic electronic pulse of both the earth - its atmospheric systems, communications networks and physical radiation - and the wider realm of our space within the cosmos. Sonic Pulse intends to tap into and extrude moments of these intersections and interactions.

Introduced and moderated by Nat Muller (NL)
Guests: Andrea Polli (US), digital media artist and Gavin Starks (GB), astrophysicist, webcasting innovator and electronic musician.
Food design by Inge Gregoire (NL), food artist

Andrea Polli
Eco-location: Art Experiments in the Sonification of Natural Complex Forms

Human life in the 21st century is inextricably intertwined with complex technological systems. Complexity scientist Yaneer Bar-Yam applies the structure of human civilization itself to the mathematics of complexity and understanding complex systems has become a means of survival as our global society becomes more and more dependent upon the interpretation of large data sets. A language or series of languages for communicating this mass of data must evolve, it is literally a matter of life and death.

Echolocation, the way bats and other animals use sound to understand their complex environment in fine detail, inspires this presentation, titled Eco-location. The title also borrows from the term for ecological art, Eco-Art, an art form that aims to engender an appreciation of the environment, advocate political and social action, and broaden intellectual understanding. In a lecture and sound performance style, Eco-location will outline a series of sonic art projects by Andrea Polli interpreting large data sets that describe various aspects of the natural environment.

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