'Parasounds' was a series of three programs, organized by V2_, which explored the subliminal soundscape.


Wiretap 4.04

Nov 1997
Nov 1998
location: V2_ and various

'Parasounds' presented sonic phenomena of the contemporary environment which lie, in one way or the other, 'beyond' what we usually hear and perceive. The programs looked at various aspects of the relations between the natural and technological environment, science, society and the way in which artists are working with such phenomena. 'Parasounds' traced a continuing tendency by artists to move away from the creation of images towards an experience of the world through sound events.

The first edition of Parasounds, entitled Roots and Wires: Polyrythmic Cyberspace and the Black Electronic was presented in November 1997 (Wiretap 3.11). The second edition on Sounds of Silence was Wiretap 4.04 in April 1998: an exhibition and performance about sound art, antennae and the sound of silence. The third edition, "Sounds from the Inside", was part of the DEAF98 exhibition: a sound installation by Seiko Mikami, World, Membrane and the Dismembered Body and Mark Bain's Live Room.

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