Peeled Hearts Violin

A violin performance by one of Australia's greatest noise talents: Lucas Abela.

Peeled Hearts Violin

Lucas Abela performing; photo: Jan Sprij

May 1999
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

I haven't finalised what I'm to do yet and I probably won't know for sure until the day, as I have a hard time with commitment. I've scrapped that record fan idea for now, at the moment I'm thinking: first night _ play the violin with pick up on the end of each of my fingers. Second night _ I'd like to simply play my humming bar with my mouth as the violin. Third night _ using a bowie knife pick-up, I will stab the violin until it is no more.

Lucas Abela's popularity was growing in the more 'extreme' music scenes in Sydney and Tokio. He used to be know for his extreme use of reinforced fingernails on rather dangerous pieces of spinning concrete. Lucas then switched to another frightful instrument of aural torture: the violin.

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