Performing the Lens: The Choreography, Algorithms and Materiality of Imagemaking

'Performing the Lens' is the 2020 Graduation Show of the Master Media Design of the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.

Mar 2021
Apr 2021
12:00 to 23:55

In recent decades, our engagement with the world has become increasingly virtual. This shift has profoundly affected our relationship with and understanding of images. The global pandemic has exacerbated the situation: we now interact with the world almost exclusively through images on screens. In discussions of how the new reality is affecting people’s everyday lives, however, surprisingly little attention is paid to the role of the lens in shaping our new virtualized “being in the world.”

The artworks brought together in the exhibition Performing the Lens, all produced by 2020 graduates of the Piet Zwart Institute either as part of their degree projects or shortly after graduation, signal a reengagement by artists with the formative power of lenses. Through reinvestigating and expanding established lens-based practices and discourse, these works explore the lens as an active tool in the construction and perpetuation of reality. Focusing on the choreography, algorithms and materiality of contemporary imagemaking, Performing the Lens stimulates new ways of being, seeing and imagining that ground us in the world again.

The exhibition Performing the Lens is curated, produced, and hosted by V2_Lab for the Unstable Media.





Between March 29 & April 2, the works of the artists will be presented as videos. The videos will be shared through our website & our Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter accounts. If you'd like to receive a link to the video's directly by e-mail, please fill out the following form.


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