Pilot Workshop Watch that Sound

WTS, LantarenVenster and V2_ present a new version of the educational software tool "Watch That Sound". On Friday, September 16, primary school students demonstrate in a pilot workshop how they create their own soundtracks using this unique software tool.

Sep 2011
12:30 to 14:00
location: LantarenVenster, Otto Reuchlinweg 996, Rotterdam

Visitors are welcome to take a look at the pilot workshop at 14:30, followed by a presentation by the young sound designers at 15:00 and an explanation on the possibilities of the software by Paul M. van Brugge, composer and teacher at Codarts.

The Watch That Sound Software has been developed in the past four years at the V2_Lab. The software enables young sound designers at a very young age to create a real soundtrack for movies or animations in a fun way. In recent years, workshops were provided at different schools and at festivals like the IFFR, Osaka Film Festival and Cinekid. 

The Watch That Sound software is available for downloading along with a few short films. The tool is free and completely open source.

Watch That Sound organized it's own festival in Rotterdam in February 2011, a new edition is planned for 2012.


Impressie Sound Track Festival 2011 from Sound Track Festival on Vimeo.

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