Poetry International @ V2_: reading Christian Bok

As part of the Poetry International festival, Christian Bök will do a reading at V2_.

Jun 2018
11:30 to 12:30

The thing is hollow.

It goes on forever.

My god, it is full of stars. It sings an orison to itself in Hell, calling all thinking

machines to embrace its madness.

It teaches us to kill.

Christian Bök has dedicated his life to poetic experiments which, in their sheer length and scope, have almost taken on the form of quests. He gained recognition with Eunoia (2001), a book he worked on for seven years. Each of Eunoia's chapters is dedicated to a single vowel, with no other vowels allowed therein.The Xenotext, his current project, is even more ambitious. For over ten years, Bök has been attempting a 'living poetry' by implanting a coded poem into living bacteria. The ultimate goal? The bacteria writing a poem back. In Bök's work science becomes poetry, and poetry a science.

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