POLAR BENDING: I-TASC, the Interpolar Transnational Art Science Constellation

Presentation at DEAF07 about I-TASC, an official project of the 2007 International Polar Year.

Apr 2007
12:00 to 14:30

I-TASC, an official project of the current International Polar Year, is a decentralized network of individuals and organisations working collaboratively in the fields of art, science and technology on the creative development and tactical deployment of renewable energy, sustainable architecture and open-format, open-source media. I-TASC is a lichen-like structure sharing and integrating local knowledge, resources and skills in order to symbiotically engage with the air, ocean, earth and space commons. Antarctica and the Arctic are the critical departure points for I-TASC, with preliminary research trips having taken place in Nunavut, Canada (2006) and a recently completed trip to SANAE IV, the South African Research base in Antarctica.

Polar Bending will present the work and vision of I-TASC, including Polar Radio, Antarctica's first artist-run radio station aimed at linking North and South polar communities, the Antarctica Data Jam using PureData to resample live polar weather data, a live set by the performance entity 'Gem Sqash' as well as a series of proxy projects hosted by the recent I-TASC mission to the Antarctic.

Amanda Rodrigues will be presenting a sound piece called "Piece for a Solitary Machine" (produced in collaboration with Rebecca Mattos using data sent from the I-TASC Groundhog unit in Antarctica.)

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