Exhibition in the context of "Digital Bridges - Russian Media Art from St. Petersburg."


PIT (room detail); photo: Jan Sprij

Apr 1997
Apr 1997
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

For this exhibition, the space at V2_ was turned into two separate areas: an Information Territory (IT) and a Postinformation Territory (PIT). To get into the PIT, visitors had to go through IT, where they to sank deeply into information environments, watching videos and CD-ROM, surfing the Internet and answering questions at the Checking Point.

After that they entered the PIT, a dark and atmospherically rich space with pillows, sofas and chairs where the visitors could test certain experiences in a hypothetical postinformation environment, breathing, listening, touching, writing letters about their postinformation experience, reading texts about postinfo ideas, talking with the artists and among themselves. The PIT was a space for non-stop action every day during 3-4 hours with videos, the PI CD-ROM project, performances and the symposium.

The IT/PIT exhibition included the websites: Body Construction (http://www.spb.ru/ny/ximah.html) and Virtual Anatomy (http://www.dux.ru/virtual/).

The CD-ROM Free For All contained nine art projects, including Postinformation Utopia by Aktuganova and Pilikin, Virtual Anatomy by Alla Mitrofanova, and Body Constructions by AXE.

A video program showed In Search of Harmony, In Search of Pain, In Search of Warmth, three videos on the topic of PIUtopia, in which artists are trying to illustrate the main definitions of the PI conception. The videos showed performances by the St. Petersburg art groups Oleg & Viktor, Factory of Found Clothing, and AXE.

The Postinformation exhibition was opened with a multimedia performance by AXE.

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