Presentation for the Unstable Media

The ten-year anniversary of V2_ was celebrated with the launch of the "Book for the Unstable Media" and the "CD for the Unstable Media." A program of performances and installations with works by Michel Waisvisz (NL), Ron Kuivila (US), Martin Spanjaard (NL), Alex Adriaansens and Joke Brouwer (NL) rounded up the occasion.

Presentation for the Unstable Media

possible flyer, created in 2011

Mar 1992
Mar 1992
location: V2_, Aawal 2a, Den Bosch

1991 is V2_'s 10th year of activity. Dissatisfaction with the art- and music circuits lead us to start our own space. In 1980 we squatted a building where we started our activities. Since 1985 we are housed in a former textile factory and in 1992 we will probably move to another building in the center of the town. V2 in an organisation set up and run by artists and musicians, an artist-initiative.

The Unstable Media

we generally program artists, scientists and musicians with radical and extreme thoughts in the field of art/science. The last couple of years our interest focused on developments in the area of new media (TV, computer, communication technology), on a theoretical as well as practical level. This development runs parallel to the personal interests of the V2 artists and curators.

The new media are virtually non-existent in the 'official' art circuit, and get little attention from artists, even though these media are influencing our ways of communication, as they are changing the social structure of society. Take TV, where the 'dictatorship of mediocracy' is bigger then ever.

text adapted from V2 Summer Catalogue 1991

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