Was There a Paradise, or Was the Garden a Dream? PZI Graduation Show

We are pleased to present ‘Was There a Paradise, or Was the Garden a Dream?', the graduation show of the Master of the Media Design & Communication program at the Piet Zwart Institute, a postgraduate program of the Willem de Kooning Academy / Rotterdam University.

Jun 2022
Jun 2022
11:00 to 18:00
location: V2_ & TENT

The act of landscaping as a way of reshaping human environments bears a long, complex history. Its aims have ranged from the reflection of cosmogonic mythologies to the creation of pleasant spaces for communal and domestic life. Landscaping involves a synthesis of nature and artifice, spawning hybrid forms that negotiate ecology, technology, and human desires to mirror the worlds we inhabit or wish to inhabit.

In this exhibition, the 2022 graduates of the Lens-Based Media master’s program at the Piet Zwart Institute, in collaboration with V2_ and TENT, explore the medium of the lens as a way of reformulating our surroundings. Firstly, through gestures of revealing, deconstructing a subject to uncover its inner mechanisms and how these act upon us. Secondly, through gestures of construction, embracing subjectivity and the artifice of the tool and using these to manifest desired (alter-) realities. As such, the lens takes on not only a role of interrogation but also of constructing artifacts that reflect back to us new possibilities: heterotopias that serve as cracks in the fabric of established mythologies.

Expanding the notion of landscaping as a guiding principle, this exhibition can be seen as an act of lens-scaping that seeks to subvert constructed paradises but also actively participates in the construction of alternative understandings of self, community, and environment.

The 2022 Graduation Show of Lens-Based Media will be curated by V2_'s Florian Weigl, and takes place at both V2_ and TENT. The opening is on Thursday 16 June. The exhibition will be open to the public until Sunday 26 June. (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, except on appointment).


Adèle Grégoire
Martin Osowski
Luca Tichelman
Alecio Ferrari
Kamali van Bochove
Elysa-James Kooijman
Geo Barcan
Sacha Dufils
Tessel Schmidt
Dachen Bao
Ariela Bergman


Opening: 16th of June
Walk-in at TENT (both venues open) from 19.00
Official opening at 19.30
Drinks at V2_ (with welcome drink)

Overall opening hours

Wed - Sun, 11h – 18h
Fri 11h - 21h

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