Real and Virtual Strings

Solos, duos and all until 11. By string activators.

Real and Virtual Strings

photo: Jan Sprij

May 1999
location: Dodorama, Rotterdam

A full power, action packed, intensive session of duos & trios. All the things that string players like to do are very likely to happen - bowing, double bowing (tripple bowing?), e-bowing, plucking, scraping, hitting, thumping, blowing, sympathetic ringing, pulling, twisting, stroking, whirling, cranking... which reminds me of a story told me by composer Arnold Dreyblatt. When in Romania, he heard a fantastic 3 string double bass player... unfortunately one of the strings had broken and was now being bowed furiously with a huge knot tied in it. Arnold offered to buy her a new one, Oh No she said it's just beginning to sound interesting.


Mary Oliver - viola & hardinger (keyed) fiddle
Dominique Regef - Hurdy Gurdy
Otomo Yoshihide - turntables
Bob Ostertag - sampler using string samples only
Francis Marie - cello
Cor Fuhler - Keyolin, piano
Greg Kingston - electric guitar
Jon Rose - violins, bows, interactive electronics, etc.

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