Rib @ V2_: A Fuzzy Logic Lecture

V2_invites Rib and Matthew Kneebone for 'Curse of the Walking Techbane: A Fuzzy Logic Lecture.'

May 2018
17:00 to 20:00
location: V2_Lab for the Unstable Media

In collaboration with V2_, Rib will present an artist talk with Mathew Kneebone to discuss the research behind his exhibition Curse of The Walking Techbane, that will be on view from May 4 until June 29 at Rib. He will be joined on Skype by Samuel Arbesman. The evening will include a discussion of the artist’s research process, guest speakers and electrically infused drinks. The talk will take place on Tuesday May 1st at 7.30pm at V2_ Rotterdam.

A Fuzzy Logic Lecture

Mathew Kneebone's focus for the past several years has been on electrical technology and the way we—as end-users—project meaning onto overwhelming technical complexity and its inevitable malfunction. He has researched cultural manifestations such as the folkloric belief in the mechanically mischievous Gremlin as well as the lesser known Walking Techbane, both examples of user anxiety. During the lecture Kneebone will adress these subjects.

Curse of the Walking Techbane

In the exhibition Curse of The Walking Techbane, Mathew Kneebone explores the metaphysical meanings attributed to malfunction and technical complexity. Works on show link human energy fields, magnetism, and auras with machines through video loops of homopolar motors, troubleshooting monologues, electro-photograms, 19th-century aura viewing fluids, dysfunctional prototypes, and musical lights.

Mathew Kneebone

Mathew Kneebone (1982) lives and works in San Francisco, California. He graduated from the Werkplaats Typografie in 2014 and in the same year was a resident at the Jan van Eyck Academie, the Netherlands. He explores the history of electrical innovation and the cultural mechanisms that end-users adopt to cope with its change. His research correlates technical-complexity, malfunction, and user-anxieties with mythology, superstition, and science fiction. This manifests through writing and drawing which informs the creation of his electronic installations and performances. 

Samuel Arbesman

Samuel Arbesman examines the future of knowledge in our age of scientific and technological change and what that means for society. He is currently a Scientist in Residence at Lux Capital, a venture capital firm focused on startups at the frontier of science and technology. He is obsessed with promoting generalist thinking in our age of specialization, seeing our most hopeful future in the unexpected collisions between disparate ideas.


19:00–19:30: Walk-in
19:30–19:40: Introduction of the talk
19:40–19:45: Introduction of Samuel Arbesman
19:45–20:15: In discussion with Samuel Arbesman 
20:15–20:30: Audience questions
20:30–21:00: Electrically infused drinks & music

Entrance fee



Rib is a space for art, where the interplay between different forms and formats informs its layered and extradisciplinary programme. Rib is driven by both the vision of the artists and the will to challenge the institutionalising conditions for the production and presentation of contemporary art. Since its inception, Rib has employed an evolutionary logic instead of a thematic succession; exhibitions, collaborations, recurring (online) residencies, long-term projects and off-site interventions all interlock to animate this living organism. Founded by Maziar Afrassiabi in 2015, Rib is housed in a former butcher shop in Rotterdam-Charlois.

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