Rohfilm & Materialfilm

Presented by director Wilhelm Hein, "Rohfilm" (1968) and "Materialfilm" (1976) during DEAF2012.

Rohfilm & Materialfilm

Material film by Wilhelm Hein

May 2012
17:00 to 19:00
location: Gouverne Film, Rotterdam

In collaboration with DEAF2012, WORM presents a screening program focused upon the materiality of film. Film as chemical material, scratchable material, industrial material – a material that corrodes, that wears, that fractures – that can be manipulated.

Extraordinarily active as filmmaker, film collector and catalyst since the sixties, Wilhelm Hein is one of film's true individualists; still absolutely dedicated to the moving image as a means of provocation, subversion and documentation of the most intimate type. Courtesy of WORM and the Goethe-Institut Rotterdam, he will be with us at DEAF2012 screening his early masterpiece Rohfilm and a version of Material Film in which a collection of leaders, colored markings and fragments of cinema, are rejoined into a new living, impermanent entity.


Birgit and Wilhelm Hein – BRD 1968, 16 mm, 22 min
Rohfilm’s montage was constructed with very short frame sequences
and an attitude of extreme reduction to produce a purely material aesthetic.


Wilhelm Hein – BRD 1976, 35 mm, 35 min
Man Ray’s artistic inhibitions are pushed aside, giving rise to a purely anarchic material film. – Wilhelm Hein

With a uniquely live, materialist soundtrack from Roel Meelkop (Kapotte Muziek, GOEM, Zèbra).

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