Rotterdam Creative Coding Meetup

Rotterdam Creative Coding Meetup is a group for anyone interested in programming, patching or soldering.

Oct 2015
18:00 to 21:00

On 16 October V2_ will host the Creative Coding Meetup by Rotterdam Creative Coding:

What is Rotterdam Creative Coding Meetup 1.0

It is a group for anyone interested in programming, patching or soldering. We focus on all creative applications of technology. We organize informal events where you can meet and share your interests. The group is open to anyone no matter your experience. It doesn't matter whether you are a professional or a tinkerer in your garage/bedroom. Even if you have no experience but are simply interested, you are always welcome to join.

What is creative coding?

You could say creative coding is a type of computer programming where rather than trying to create something functional, you create something expressive. It could be visuals, art, design, sound, robots, installations, or whatever. We don't really care, it doesn't have to be computer programming, it could be electronics or something else tech-y. It doesn't even necessarily have to be expressive, as long as it's something interesting.

What can you expect?

There will be some short informal talks/conversations by interesting people. That's you! Let us know if you have something to share. You could show your (unfinished) projects, talk about some interesting technology, or maybe you have some nasty bug you need help with. It doesn't have to be anything fancy or long. 

Afterwards there will be time to chat, drink and connect with each other.

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