Le Placard: Rotterdam Headphone Lounge

With a Rotterdam Headphone Lounge, V2_ links up with Le Placard, a nomadic festival that presents live concerts to audiences transmitted via headphones, while streaming simultaneously over the internet. The V2_ space will be transformed into a lounge where you can experience electronic music by plugging in your headphone.

Sep 2005
Sep 2005
18:00 to 21:00
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam

Live electronic music performances are brought by sound artists Erik Minkkinen, Sei Matsumura, Robert van Heumen, Tom Schouten and Guy Van Belle and participants from the Audio Signal Processing workshop held at V2_. Other performances will be streamed to us from other locations around the world.

Besides a cupboard, Le Placard is a headphone concert festival, initiated in 1998 by Parisian musician Erik Minkkinen. The festival plays with concentration, intimacy, time-warp and teleportation. Placard sessions can take totally different shapes: London Placard has 20-minute sets going on for twelve hours non-stop, Tokyo did one out in the Yoyogi park under a tree using the phone network. This year's edition had its kick-off in Montreal (Canada) on 2 June. V2_ will connect Rotterdam to international headphone concerts on 4 September.

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