Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery, The Stalker Stalked was an exhibition curated by V2_ during the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2004.

Shooting Gallery

Frank Werner: Las Familias

Jan 2004
Feb 2004
12:00 to 17:00
location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10

Shooting Gallery, The Stalker Stalked questions the role of the voyeur as participant in the world's diverse Power Plays through a narrative and an interactive media project.The installations presented within the shooting gallery are about watching and being watched and play with the varying and unclear positions of power between stalkers and 'the stalked', or offender and victim. V2_'s presentation hall will become, for the duration of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the site in which the stalker is to be stalked and where the visitor is confronted by virtual persons, which they can observe, challenge and manipulate.

Las Familias - a gambling den (2003) by Frank Werner (D)
Interactive shooting booth video game
The game is situated in a small house made of wooden panels which will be used for projections of women holding guns. Entering the house the viewer is confronted with a projection of a computerized video game. By operating a joy stick, the viewer can actively get involved into shooting home-baked cakes. The women on the exterior of the house are also part of the game…

On Another Occasion
(2002) by Kevin Hanley (USA)
Digital Video, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the collection of Jane Holzer, the collection of M.O.C.A. (Los Angeles), I-20 (New York) and ACME (Los Angeles).
Washed out and lost at first, an image slowly comes into focus ... of Fidel Castro. As the image sharpens, it is clear that the "Lider", in close up and still garbed in his trademark fatigues, has been shot dead ... (duration: four minutes).

Concept: V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media
Production: V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media and International Film Festival Rotterdam
Shooting Gallery is supported by: Mondriaan Foundation, Cultural Affairs, City of Rotterdam, Ministry of Culture and Luna Internet.

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