SMS_ity is a scavenger hunt for the hidden bits of the city. An urban game.


SMS-ity: result

Sep 2003
Oct 2003
location: A special route from V2_ to the Las Palmas warehouse in Rotterdam

Digital Playground is an event for young people to get acquainted with the creative side of computing. A series of excursions, called DPart, was organized in 2003 to visit cultural institutes and art in public spaces in Rotterdam. DPart 2003's theme was "City Portraits: young people in their urban environment."

V2_ contributed to DPart with the project SMS-ity. In groups, young people started from V2_ on a hunt through the city, helped on their way by "urban texts" and SMS messages to lead them to their goal. In a workshop, they then processed the images and sounds they recorded and the experiences of the day to produce a collaborative project.

SMS_ity was designed and developed by Stephen Kovats (V2_).

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