Snack&Surge Brunch: Out in the Open

Presentation about 'openness' in culture, DEAF07.

Snack&Surge Brunch: Out in the Open

Out in the Open

Apr 2007
09:00 to 11:30

The SNACK & SURGE Brunches create a performative and gastronomic theatre of operations addressing political, technological and artistic questions relating to the poetics of power. We invite the DEAF audience to kick off their day pondering the aesthetics, actions and media of resistance and critique. Part hang-out, part culinary experiment, SNACK & SURGE intends to be a caress for the palate, an opener for the mind, and a rebelliously festive wake-up for the mood.

Rise and start your day deliciously: biting at the poetics of power!

"Open" is probably becoming one of the most contested words in our present-day dictionaries. From open source, open society, open knowledge to open borders and open culture, it is clear that in a society which is becoming increasingly closed and contained, "openness" is far from being a free-for-all. What happens when the principles of 'Open Culture' come up against the vested interests of the art market? Will mainstream media buy the notion of 'infrastructure as artwork''? And can such a 'bottom up' approach be sustained? We open up our mind and thoughts with you...


Hosted and introduced by Nat Muller (NL)


Saul Albert (GB), artist with The People Speak

Tim Jones (GB), Independent Arts Producer and Project Coordinator of NODE.London

Lauren A Wright (GB), writer, media art curator, member of media art organisation Furtherfield

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