Soiree Ritornell

Music program, part of DEAF00.

Soiree Ritornell


Nov 2000
Nov 2000
21:00 to 00:00
location: Dodorama

Akira Rabelais (US), Ekkehard Ehlers (DE) and Stephan Mathieu (DE) are all exponents of the publisher Ritornell associated with Mille Plateaux. Their intriguing music applies the essential characteristics of actual machinery by means of digital processes. The performance with sine cask and varied digital refuse was accompanied by the DJs Torben Tilly (NZ) and Jasmine Guffond (AU), also collectively active as Minit.

Soirée Ritornell - hosted by and at klub Dodo curator Dion Workman 23 november, 20.00, Dodorama fee NLG 15,-


Een Klub Dodo in samenwerking en in het kader van het DEAF-festival, gewijd aan het Duitse Ritornell label, een sublabel van Mille Plateaux dat zich toelegt op het be- en verwerken van het digitale en elektrieke geluidspectrum; "The problem is the rediscovery of electricity in its pure form, for example the generating and modulation of sinus tones, the cut-copy-paste-funk, the involvement of sonic textures or digital residualism".

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