Specter @ V2_

Specter is a annually recurring event on the topic of human enhancement and self-mastery in a technology enabled "nature".

Jun 2019
Jun 2019
17:55 to 02:00

Summer Solstice 2019
21.6.2019 at 5.54 PM

Specter’s first edition will take place during Summer Solstice 2019 at V2_Lab for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam, hosting a cross-disciplinary dialogue between scholars from scientific and artistic fields, (digital) designers, technologists, scientists and healers.

We'll be discussing shared terminology between fields of technological world-building and ancient self-mastery techniques:

Connection, Transparency, Expansion, Superhuman, Liquidity, Transcendence, Decentralisation, Oneness/Unity, Accessibility, Collective Mind, Acceleration, Open-Source, Superpowers, Empathy.

These mazes must be explored together.

Line up TBA soon!

The evening will be full of immersive sensory experiences, video screenings, potions and ritual performances, followed by hybrid DJ sets.

Specter is initiated by Agnes Momirski and Georgia Kareola.


Tickets can be bought through the Facebook event page.


Inès Leverrier Péborde (Radical Self-Care)
Jasper Griepink (Social Permaculture)

Matthijs Diederiks - Filmmaker, Futurefood - (Biohacker)
Shashini Munshi (Neuroscience)
Ruchama Noorda (Life Reform)
Henriette Bier (Robotics)
Danielle Roberts (Awareness Tools)
Michel Gomes (Buddhism)

Gijsbert Wouter Wahl (Metaphysics & Language)
Francesca Gobeille (Embodied Spirituality)

Contributing Artists
Mel Chan, Irma van Doornmalen, Jasper Griepink,  Peter Horneland,  Anastasia Loginova, Agnes Momirski, Simone C. Niquille, Svetlana Prigoditch, Emilia Tapprest

DJ sets by yEs!yEs! , Remote Control

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