Spontaneous signal hunt

A spontaneous signal hunt with Matthias Hurtl.

Sep 2020
20:00 to 21:00
location: Kralingse Plas

Join Matthias Hurtl for a spontaneous signal hunt for a ghost satellite haunting the lower earth orbit.

Matthias Hurtl is a sound artist based in Rotterdam and currently working at V2_ as part of the  V2_ + Museu Zer0 Artists in Residence program. His research project Drowning in Æther focuses on the audibility of satellite signals through a practice-based approach.

The practice he calls signal hunting, is a carefully planned activity that he engages to track and capture the transmissions of satellites using a set of self-built tools and antennas. On 22 September he will give an insight into his research as well as engage others in the heretofore solitary practice of signal hunting.

Meeting point:
20:00 at the Kralingse Plas

!! The satellite passes Rotterdam very quickly and therefore our time window is short, so don't be late !!

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