Spotlight: Bastard or Playmate?

A book presentation with editors Boris Debackere and Robrecht Vanderbeeken, during DEAF2012.

Spotlight: Bastard or Playmate?

Probe by Boris Debackere

May 2012
15:00 to 16:00
location: Gouvernestraat 133, Rotterdam

Artistic media seem to be in a permanent condition of mutation and transformation. How is theater evolving in the digital era? How have historical traditions in theatre adapted to new cultural contexts? What are these mutations, and what is their added value? How are other media remediated in contemporary performances? Bringing together international scholars and artists, the book Bastard or Playmate? (eds. Robrecht Vanderbeeken, Christel Stalpaert, David Depestel and Boris Debackere) provides a comprehensive overview of the subject.

With Boris Debackere and Robrecht Vanderbeeken

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