Spotlight: Losing References in Order to Reach Beauty

With members of the Belgian collective CREW on immersive experiences and transitional spaces, during DEAF2012.

Spotlight: Losing References in Order to Reach Beauty

event picture by Jan Sprij

May 2012
12:00 to 15:00
location: Gouvernestraat 133, Rotterdam

Losing references in order to reach Beauty?
A certain state of sensorial deprivation is  instrumental to immersive performances like the ones of CREW.

An immersive experience is impure as the conscious is pending in between the reality of the 'self' and the illusionary reality of the medium. This transition zone or is the playing field or immersive performances.

Transitional space >> Could this be the source or 'vital beauty'?

Join us with members of CREW, who are presenting their cutting-edge immersive theatre piece, Terra Nova, at DEAF. CREW and guests will discuss key issues in making groundbreaking theatre today.

With: Pieter T'jonck, Eric Joris, Johannes Goebel and Chiel Kattenbelt.

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