"Die Städte" is a film by Die Tödliche Doris. The 1985 version was premiered at V2.


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May 1985
19:00 to 21:50

Städte (Cities) was premiered at V2 on May 29th 1985. Die Tödliche Doris was at V2 from May18th, and finished this film in Den Bosch. Städte is based on Super8 films shot in different cities (Hamburg / Copenhagen / Berlin-West / Villingen-Schwenningen / Budapest / Den Bosch / Wien / New York / Brussel). Music and text is by Die Tödliche Doris.

"Every organizer, who organizes a concert with Die Tödliche Doris is pleased to make a 6 minute super-8 film about his town. Script should be the most popular tourist-guide. It does not matter if the organizer has made a film before or not."

in preparation: Helsinki / Frankfurt / Basel / Amsterdam / Zagreb / Belgrad / Leicester / Bonn / Helgoland / München.

text: program flyer

The Städte / Cities project took place from 1983-1987, in the end it consisted of 105 min.


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